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New things for wvw - public edition

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Wolf Commander
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New things for wvw - public edition

Post by Ricardo »

Hey guys..
So lets be a little honest here and say what a lot of us are thinking... Im bored and wvw has not had any mechanic upgrades is so long..

WHAT EVER HAPPENED to the upgrades they were testing and never implemented? Like the consumable repair hammers or cannons that we got to play around with for a week and made people fear with the clever ways we used them? I know I cant be the only one that would love them to bring them in (even nurfed) so its something new to toy around with.

Recently ive been chatting with others from the guild and we tossed around some cool ideas that would be fun to play with from yak mounted cannons to airship bombing run flairs (similar to the ones from eotm) and wanted to get peoples thoughts and wild ideas that you would like to see added even for a week.

(copied and made public so people who are registering can comment.
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Re: New things for wvw - public edition

Post by swiftstart »

i think it'd be cool to have a new tactivator thing that was a weapon for gliding, kinda like when you fight shatterer so that you drop bombs on ppl or heal packs :o
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Susie Highlander
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Re: New things for wvw - public edition

Post by Susie Highlander »

I need help with my Mesmer she just got max on all her fighting skills and no idea what to have on her yet skills , armor and weapons what are good to have for WvW.
Amy Coventina
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Re: New things for wvw - public edition

Post by Amy Coventina »

Maybe something you could get by holding something like when wvw was new. I know that orb thing was an issue but something that can be used as a come back mechanic would be nice.

Also they need to adjust rewards for taking keeps that have been held longer. As in more items and more war score.
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